Purser's Office

Queen Victoria

A Queen On Trial

In August, 2007 Queen Victoria sailed out of the port of Venice for the first time to begin her sea trials designed to test the ship's manoeuvrability, safety and reliability.

As she slowly made her way past St. Mark's Square, the the Doge's Palace and Bridge of Sighs, the new Cunarder towered over the historic city which had been home to generations of seafarers.

Queen Victoria undertook a series of extreme tests which would push the ship to the limits of her construction.

This was done by subjecting her propulsion system to stresses that are not normally experienced when in service. A crew of 600 worked around the clock during the trials, testing the complex and highly sophisticated equipment.

Then, when the shipyard, Cunard and all the marine authorities were satisfied that Queen Victoria had successfully completed the trials, the vessel was then officially handed over by Fincantieri.

Among the tests carried out were:

  1. testing whether the Anchor could be recovered in an appropriate time.
  2. Speed Trials, to verify her maximum speet at various loads.
  3. A series of zig-zag manoeuvres were carried out and recorded for the information of the Captain and Pilots.
  4. Ensuring the thrusters will allow Queen Victoria to move sideways in the harbour.
  5. The effectiveness of the vessel's stabilizers.
  6. Navigation equipment such as radar, autopilot and compasses were rigorously put through their various roles.
  7. An endurance test to ensure Queen Victoria can run for extended periods at maximum power.