Type of vessel:          Passenger ship
Built:                        1969
Shipyard:                    Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Ltd., Clydebank
Weight:                    70.327 BRZ
Client:                    Cunard Line Ltd., Southampton

Work carried out at Lloyd Werft:

05|02 - 05|20|2004

    * 2 years surveys and repairs
    * Change of propellerblades P/S
    * Repair work at the boiler system
    * Overhauling of bowthrusters
    * Tank cleaning and painting
    * Steel work in tanks and on decks
    * Installation of a water mist system in the engine room
    * Maintenance at the life boats and davits
    * Paint work in UW area and ship's hull
    * Upgrading of the entire teak wood decks
    * Installation of a new service area on one deck
    * Refurnishing of pax areas, as
          o Penthousealleways and staircases
          o Restaurant Mauretania & Britannia
          o Queen Room & Promenade
          o Yacht Club
          o Upgrading of bath rooms
          o Upgrading of public toilets

11|21 - 12|7|2001

    * 2 yaers survey and repairs
    * propulsion e-motors service
    * Cleaning and couting of sundry tanks and steal repairs
    * Underwatership hydro-blasting and coating
    * Change of propeller-blades
    * 9 EGES-service and repair
    * Change of halon to CO-2 System
    * Refurbishment of public spaces

11|13|1999 - 12|9|1999

    * Renovation of public areas.
    * Refurbishing of suites, standard cabines and restaurants.
    * New hull color painting.

06|23. - 06|31|1988

    * Drydocking, repairs and maintenance work.
    * Conversions of central installation and passenger accomodation.

10|26|1986 - 04|25|1987

    * General conversion.
    * Exchange of the steam turbine engine for a highly mordern diesel-electric propulsion plant with an output of 95,625 KW (130,000 H.P.).
    * Fundamental conversion of public areas, passenger accomodation, laundries, galley equipment most significantly to the penthouse suites on the sports and signal decks.
    * Eight supplemantary penthouse suites on the signal deck.
    * Re-design of the shopping area.

12|02 - 12|14|1984

    * Drydocking, repairs and maintenance work

11|28 - 12|12|1983

    * Drydocking, repairs and maintenance work, small conversion works.