05|02 - 05|20|2004

    * 2 years surveys and repairs
    * Change of propeller blades P/S
    * Repair work at the boiler system
    * Overhauling of bowthrusters
    * Tank cleaning and painting
    * Steel work in tanks and on decks
    * Installation of a water mist system
      in the engine room
    * Maintenance at the life boats and davits
    * Paint work in UW area and ship's hull
    * Upgrading of the entire teak wood decks
    * Installation of a new service area
      on One Deck
    * Refurnishing of pax areas, as
          o Penthouse alleways and staircases
          o Restaurants Mauretania & Britannia
          o Queens Room & Promenade
          o Yacht Club
          o Upgrading of bath rooms
          o Upgrading of public toilets