Tropical Depression One

Sailing the world's oceans, Queen Elizabeth 2 was no stranger
to heavy weather. Numerous stories are told of how she braved
hurricanes in the North Atlantic and typhoons in the South

QE2 had just re-entered service after a major refit in
Bremerhaven, Germany. Almost immediately in May of 1987 she
encountered the first Atlantic storm of the year. Her completely
refurbished interiors were subject to the mercy of the heavy
swells encountered.

A low-pressure area was observed by a Reconnaissance Aircraft
and declared the first tropical depression of the year on May
25-one week before the official season began. Moving at about
8 mph (13 km/h), the depression was located 400 miles (640 km) from the east central Bahamas. It moved towards Florida and stalled off the coast, with a prediction to cause thundershowers across the state on May 28. The Bahamian government released a storm warning for its northern islands as the system grew stronger. The tropical depression weakened on June 1, the official start of the hurricane season.

These photographs taken by QE2's Entertainment Director, Claude Maluenda, who has graciously shared them with us, show the extent of the damage that a tropical depression can have.