Louis De Sousa

My first day onboard

Southampton 12 July 1990

QE2 docked Port side just before lunch I walk up Five deck Fwd Crew gangway into our lobby-the Sailors Square.My dream had became true to work on the biggest,fastest and most famous ship in the World.Almost 9 years later and after 136 transatlantic crossings over 1000 days at sea,111 visits to New York, 7 Panama Canal transit, 3 Suez Canal transit, 4 complete World Cruises and 3 incomplete World Cuise,with lots of good days and bad days too,that was the best time of my life.The QE2 is still part of my life and i am proud to be part of her life too.

Once on board we were taken to the Crew library on One Deck Fwd.We were a group of 40-50 new crew members.There we meet our head of departments,we had a brief welcome speech,then papers given out with lots of ship information.The 2 most important papers are the MUSTER CARD for boat drill and the CAPTAINS MASTER ORDER.Afterwards we were lead to cabins ,my cabin was 503 on Five Deck Fwd.The showers and toilets were more forward of my cabin as you can imagine it is way way forward.Trying to do your needs there on FORCE 10-11 is an adventure.Later that afternoon we set sail for New York,my first Transatlantic Crossing what a feeling that was.We done back to back Transatlantic Crossing returning to Southampton on the 22 of July.During theses 10 days is was a challenge trying to find your way around.

On photo thats me about to go onboard and live my dream.