Nick Horler

Baker, Confectioner, 1980 - 1986

In my younger years I worked in the Bakery on board the QE2.. And was a bit of a joker then. I told The Chief Baker George that I wanted to make a over sized French stick he wasn't very happy about it. I wanted to make it for one of woman who worked in one of crew messes who always complained about the size of our French sticks when she came up to the bakery to pick them up for lunch. So when George went down on his break, I went to the carpenters and asked for some ply wood that I could prepare a 14 foot 6 inch French stick on and to bake it on !!! George wasn't that happy when he returned to the bakery after his break and saw it a massive French stick dangling off the ends of the table.

Just think about how many sandwiches you could got with such a large French stick, at the time the oven in the Bakery was the longest on board any Ship in the world. So I guess this most be the Longest French stick made at sea. And to answer the question she was well satisfied that day when she picked up her French stick!!!